Wesco Highliner Lineman Boots Review

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Wesco Highliner Lineman Boots Review of 2021

Wesco or West Coast Shoe Company is one of the renowned companies that have produced great-quality shoes for centuries. Wesco boots have great features that any apprentices or linemen require. With a full-grain long-lasting feature, this boot provides great durability. But all these qualities aren’t cheap, so these boots will be an investment.

If you want to know all the features then you can read through this.

Let’s start Wesco highliner lineman boots review!


Properties Value
Weight Per Pair  Around 7 lbs
Height 16 inches
Size 8-13
Sole Synthetic
Leather 7-ounce Full-grain
Shank Full Steel
Breastplate Metal
Lace Full Lace to Toe
Leather Side Flap Present
Steel Side Plate Present
Half Slip Leather 10 – 10-0.5 Iron
Price Range Around 450-500$

What’s Great?

There are some great features you can find interesting while choosing your boots. These properties make this pair worth the expenses, as well as your working boots. Let us find them below.

7-ounce Full-grain Long-lasting Leather

Wesco Highliner Lineman Boots Review

If you are a line worker, then you must need a strong pair of boots. Wesco highliner boots have that strong and long-lasting quality as it is made of seven-ounce full-grain leather.

The toughest outer layer of leather forms this leather that gives you great works experience.

This leather boots have proper insulation and waterproof feature that is necessary for workers those deal with power line and wires.

Heavy-duty Non-corrosive Steel Shank

These boots will provide you extra-protection and maximum support as it has a full steel shank.

This shank is also slightly arched so that it can protect both toe and underside of your leg.

You can experience the comfort and full balance of your arches.

This is very necessary because these workmen work in areas like construction areas or rocky terrain where metals, scrap nails or sharp objects can be found.

This double-ribbed steel shank supports both the outsole and the insole. This is important to carry the extra load that occurs during climbing.

Also, it is non-corrosive. So, it is surely long-lasting and potential that can save you from accidents like falling from a pole.

Metal Heel Breastplate

Don’t worry while climbing spurs. Because these lineman boots have metal heel breastplate that can protect you from climbing spurs perfectly.

This recessed breastplate works as a protector when you go up spurs.

Lace to Toe Boots

Comfortability is the most important thing while choosing boots. If your boots cannot give you a better fit and great ankle support then it is a waste.

Luckily, Wesco Highliner 16″ Work Boot can provide you an excellent experience with its lace that goes up to the toe.

It has a full lacing that can be loosened or tighten according to your comfort. This is more stable than any traditional boots that also saves you from danger by its comfort.

Durable Solid Sole

An aggressive treading and good traction are other important features for a lineman boot. Wesco highliner boot has been designed with these qualities of good traction, durability, and maximum grip.

This is because of the Vibram solid soles that make it capable of rough outdoor activity.

Also, this sole provides an aggressive treading that gives the boots a good grip on diverse surfaces.

It keeps the feet in place in any type of situation.

Steel Side Plates

Often the sole of the boot gets wasted while climbing if it isn’t protected properly.

This is a concern for a lineman as he cannot afford a pair of boots as many times he wants.

Fortunately, this boot has a steel side plate that protects its sole while climbing or working on rough areas.

Protectable Leather Side Flap

This pair will provide all kinds of protections with its exclusive features. It has a leather side flap that protects your boots when you climb poles or ride a motorcycle. It has its own charming defense. Cool, isn’t it?

Leather Half-slip

If you are looking for additional support to the back of your boot then this is the right one.

It has an extending layer that is placed from the back of the boot to the middle.

It adds extra support to the arch with leather 10 – 10-0.5 iron half-slip. You can freely work with this pair.

What’s Not So Great?

Besides all the prominent qualities, some issues may be the barrier to your dream boots as a worker. You will find them below.

A Bit Expensive

All great things come with expenses. This exclusive boot pair is no exception. This is a bit expensive as you need to invest around 450 to 500 dollars for this boot.

This is a load to any worker as they can find other lineman boots for half of its price.

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Final Words

As you now know all the pros and cons of these Wesco highliner lineman boots, you now can decide whether you want this pair as your work companion or not.

It definitely worth the expense as it has all the great qualities you need in a boot.

This long-lasting boot can give a great work experience. If you want to order your pair now, visit Amazon here.

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